Traffic Ticket Defence

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A proper Traffic Ticket Defence is imperative when fighting traffic tickets, as is having the best representative who can put it together and execute it with skill and expertise.
Legaleze Paralegal will:
-cut through the legal jargon and get to the meat of the charge 
-explain it in simple terms that you can understand 
-put together a strategy that works for you
Then we take it from there


It’s never fun seeing those familiar flashing red and blue lights in your mirror. It’s happened to most of us.
Traffic Tickets are costly and;
– they will impact your drivers licence and your insurance rates
– they could affect your employment
You need a professional, experienced Traffic Paralegal protecting you and your interests at every stage. Our licensed Paralegals represent people and Companies in Traffic Court throughout Ontario everyday.

We fight for you and they know it.

Trust, Loyalty, Integrity.

Legaleze Paralegal vigorously fights for you, protecting your rights. Whether it’s a Traffic Ticket, MTO Charges or any Provincial Offences, we defend your interests with the utmost professionalism and respect, everywhere in Ontario.

What We Do

Work with you to create a strategy that best protects your interests
Explore every possible scenario
Will put your mind at ease knowing you have the best legal representation at your side
Take the stress out of the process
Keep you informed every step of the way
Fight for you to the end

If you need legal advice about preparing a proper Traffic Ticket Defence, Accident Defence or an Important Court Date, don’t hesitate to call.

We fight so you don’t have to!

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